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Free delivery on all record purchases (AUS Only), current turnaround is 5-6 weeks for single records

General Info


Once you have paid for your record please submit your audio files (.wav or .mp3 please no .flac files) and track listing/order (text edit file or word doc) for both A and B sides via Dropbox, by creating a shared folder with hello@smallrun.com.au

*Very important* Please ensure your Dropbox folder is titled with your first and last name so we can match the correct tracks with each order.


Are the records literally 'hand cut'?

Each record is cut individually, in real time. Using a lathe diamond stylus guided by hand.

If you would like to see a demo of the record cutting process check out the Small Run facebook page for some samples.

What is the quality like?

With audio files that have been mastered for vinyl the audio quality is generally indistinguishable from your every day vinyl record.

However due to the nature of the manual cutting process each record may have slight variations and subtle inconsistencies though this is what's to love about this unique hand cut process.  

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the quality for tracks that have not been mastered for vinyl. Although we always endeavour to cut the best record each time.


Do you print the centre labels?

Small Run offers printing of centre labels for $2 per record for single records. To download the Centre Label Template please go to the Template link in the footer or click here.

If you would prefer to customise them yourself or leave them blank please let me know and I am happy to provide the sticker labels separately on A4 sheets so that you can print on them yourself.

Each vinyl comes with 2 x labels, additional blank labels can be purchased for $2 per A4 sheet.

Do you print covers or sell cardboard sleeves?

We sell plain White, Kraft and Black cardboard outer sleeves for 12" records and White sleeves for 7" and 10" orders. You can find these items for sale as an add on for one off orders or singly as an individual item.

Custom sleeve printing is available in all sizes, for orders of 10 units and above, please email us for a quote.



What is the turn around / how long will my order take?

The lathe machine cuts in realtime, so turn around factors in the length of the record, the number of records, plus set up time, delivery and workload. 

If you need your order for a specific date please email prior to placing an order to ensure it can be achieved. We endeavour to meet your requirements where reasonable, and can try to fast track for special order requests (with a rush fee).

For larger orders (above 10 units) please email hello@smallrun.com.au for an approximate turnaround before placing your order.


How can I pay?

Payment for one off records is through Shopify via secure credit card payment or PayPal.

If you would prefer to pay in cash or via direct bank deposit, please contact hello@smallrun.com.au to arrange this.

All orders must be paid in full before being shipped out. 

Can I pick up my records and pay cash?

Unfortunately pickup is not available at this point.

How much is postage/will you ship internationally?

Orders can be shipped both within Australia and internationally.

All orders are sent via Australia post and costs vary based on size and weight of you order.

If you would like a postage cost prior to ordering please email hello@smallrun.com.au and I will happy get you a quote. (As a rough guide, 1 x 10" or 12" costs approx $12.00 to send within Australia.)


Any other questions? 

Feel free to ask, email hello@smallrun.com.au